Boomkicker® Boom Supports
The Alternative to Mechanical or Rigid Vangs
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 Optional Vang Purchase Plates

V1021 Vang Plate From our estimates, at least 90% of Boomkicker customers do not increase the purchase of their vang. If the vang was easy enough to pull before installing the Boomkicker, it's usually fine after. However for customers looking to get more power out of the vang, purchase plates are a relatively easy and affordable way to double the power without buying a whole new block and tackle system. No drilling required. Two sizes available with thick aluminum plates to spread the load evenly over the shackle pins. Harken and Wichard shackles standard.

2 to 1 Cascade Vang To double an existing multi-purchase vang, you'll need the purchase plate, a single block for the boom and a cascade line or wire. The puchase plates come standard with a straight D shackle for the mast attachment, but twist shackles are available if needed for orientation. Specify when ordering. The cascade line should be a high tech low stretch line, or wire. The single for the boom needs to be designed for the load and either the line or wire.

Purchase plates are available direct and through dealers.

Part #
Breaking Str.
Approx. Boat Size
3500 lbs
Up to 26 feet
6000 lbs
Up to 38 feet.